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Lil Miss Mopar 15x25

Lil Miss Mopar 15x25
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When we first introduced our big aluminum garage or man cave metal signs, one of the first ones out of the gate was a retro pin-up blonde that we were inspired to create thanks to a late 1940’s parts calendar. As with all of our metal signage, we limited production to only 2,500 pieces, and wow, did we underestimate this girl’s popularity! She’s been on our all-time best-selling t-shirts since 2003, and we’ve seen numerous enthusiasts with tattoos of her, several larger-than-life paintings done of her on Mopar fanatics’ garage walls and shops, and all 2,500 of our initial metal signs featuring her sold out within the same year they were introduced. We get requests all the time to make more of them, but, since we limited them to only 2,500 pieces, and those now sell for a whole lot more on the secondary market than we charged for them, it’s not fair to those who have one to simply make more. However, we did figure out that it wouldn’t be such a bad thing to make her, one more time, in a smaller size so she’ll fit in a lot more places that the bigger sign may not have. You’ve been asking, so here she is; a brand-new limited-edition 15x25” version of our blonde “Mopar Girl” sign, in a user-friendly size that will fit in any room of the house or your garage, and, it won’t break the bank either. She features the same colors and raised embossing as the full-sized original, and if you missed out on this iconic piece of Mopar Parts nostalgia the first time, don’t get caught sleeping at the wheel again. We will only produce 2,500 of these as well, and we expect these will sell out rather quickly, as did the larger ones.