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Red, White & Blue Mopar Sock (L/XL size 9-13)

Red, White & Blue Mopar Sock

In the world of men’s fashion, crazy socks are the new ties. As fashion leans more and more casual, ties are worn more as an exception than the norm. Unlike neckties, socks are an item that make you more comfortable. I’m here to say that crazy socks can actually go one step further, and put you in a better mood. We have a sock customer at The Garage that tells us when, if he knows it’s going to be a rough day at work, he wears the socks he gets from us to put him in a better mindset! I get it - when you’re wearing socks that remind you of what your passion in life is, it just makes for a better day. While there are some very generic Mopar socks that have been silkscreened with the big Omega Mopar “M” on them, looking around the web, I couldn’t find any truly inspired Mopar multi-color designs. So, MCG partnered with one of the leading sock manufacturers to not only produce killer looking socks, but to create ones that are super comfortable. This month, I’m proud to show off to our readers the five designs that MCG will be offering in 2019. I love them all, but I must say, the Six Pack ones are my favorites.