Okay, so we’re now well into the Coronavirus quarantine phase, and like yourselves, we’re ready for this to be over so regular life can begin again and we can get back out there to some Mopar shows and have some fun. Until then, however, we’re all in this mess together, and we pray everyone stays well and stays safe. In the meantime, we thought this would be a great time to engage our readers in a bit of fun and give all of us something to get our minds off this crazy world we’re living in. We want you, everybody reading this, to create one of our upcoming magazine covers.

Since we’re not able to get out to Mopar shows right now, this is a fantastic opportunity for our readers to get involved and possibly get their cars on the cover of Mopar Collector’s Guide magazine. Here’s the general idea. Get your Mopar out and take some fantastic photos of it, and email them in to us for possible use as a cover on an upcoming issue. We may do more than one of these, so, the more the merrier, we’d love to see what you guys have out there and how creative you guys (and gals) can be with your ideas of what should be on the cover of the magazine.

Here’s some general guidelines. Do not line up your entire family in front of the car and take a photo of six kids standing in front of a Duster. Try to find a neutral background before taking your photos – don’t just back the car out into the driveway and take photos with three other cars sitting around it, trash cans in the background, things like that. You want your car, or truck, or maybe even just an engine, to be the focus of attention, and anything that helps focus that attention is a plus. Try to take your pictures vertically, not horizontally. In simple terms, think of what a magazine cover looks like, it works better if the photos are vertical, not sideways. If you’re using a digital camera, which is the best way to do it, make sure you have it set to its highest possible pixel count – when you enlarge an image, it’s better to start with an image that’s already pretty big. Avoid shooting photos late in the day or big shadows. Likewise, watch out for glares or having your own reflection show up in the car when you take the photo – bet ya’ll didn’t think there was so much involved!

The bottom line is simple. Let’s have some fun, you guys get out there and take a bunch of photos and send ‘em in. We’re all ready for this to be over and we’re all ready for normal life again. In the meantime, let’s have as much fun as we can. We’ll go through the photos submitted and pick the one (or ones) we like best for use on our cover, or covers. The others, we’ll probably share them in the magazine for everyone to enjoy. We’ll get as many of them out there as we can.

Submit your best photo through the form below and if chosen we will contact you. We look forward to seeing what our readers come up with and hey, if this works well, we might do it again annually just to keep you guys on your toes! Everybody stay safe and stay well, we’ll all get through this together! Mopar to ya!