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So how do you get one of these lucky Mopar coins you ask? It’s simple, and better yet, they’re totally free to those who gift. Here’s how the MCG challenge works; first, you must be a current MCG subscriber, next call our office and purchase a twelve-month gift subscription for someone who doesn’t currently have an MCG subscription. That someone can be the kid down the road that’s into cars, a service man you know, or even a cheap friend or club member who keeps mooching your copy of MCG. This subscription must go to a different address than your own subscription. So, for instance, you can’t just have your wife call up and renew your subscription as a gift - that’s what the free t-shirts are for. Also, this promotion cannot be combined with any other special offer. Remember, these are called “challenge coins” for a reason; they require a little effort to acquire, therefore making them relatively scarce commodities and they will probably be sought after by collectors going into the future.

As you can see, there are three distinctively different designs to choose from. They include a 440 Six Pack, a 426 Race Hemi, and a new Gen III Hemi Hellcat engine; all with the MCG logo on the back. For each gift subscription you give to someone, we’ll send you one coin of your choice for free. There’s no shipping, no handling, no service charge, nada, nothing, zippo, they’re free! But wait, what if you want more than one you ask? MCG’s got you covered there too. As a bonus, if you buy two gift subscriptions at the same time, or a two-year gift subscription for someone, then we’ll send you all three for free. MCG challenge coins will be delivered on a first come, first served basis, and this promo will run throughout the year of 2024, or until supplies run out. While MCG challenge coins have no official monetary value, with everything going on in the world and with their certain relative scarcity, they’ll probably be worth more than most of the currency in your pocket right now! So, don’t miss this chance to get one of these new collectable coins, call today! My hope is one of these becomes your new good luck piece.